Neighborhood Health Clinic

Florida, USA

The Armstrong Medical Building at the Neighborhood Health Clinic

In addition to supporting medical research, Mike and Anne also help provide healthcare for Americans who cannot afford insurance. In Collier County, Florida, where Mike and Anne keep a winter home, nearly 50,000 people do not have health insurance because of financial hardship.

The Neighborhood Health Clinic (NHC), was started in 1999 by Dr. Bill Lascheid and his wife Nancy. The clinic provides medical services for working people without health insurance, who have an income below two times the national poverty level. More than 700 dedicated doctors, dentists, nurses, and non-medical staff volunteers help roughly 15,000 patients per year in cooperation with local hospitals and health care providers.

Mike giving a speech at the unveiling ceremony of the Armstrong Medical Building of the Neoghborhood Health Clinic
Radiology observation room in the Armstrong Medical Building

Mike has served as the Board Treasurer since 2012, and in 2021, NHC unveiled the Armstrong Medical Building that Mike and Anne helped sponsor. It houses exam and treatment rooms for wound, ENT, gynecology, cardiology, vision, dental, and radiology care.

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