Miami university

Ohio, USA

Students outside the Armstrong Student Center

Miami University in Oxford, Ohio is close to the hearts of Mike and his wife Anne, since they both attended college here. Thankful for the outstanding education and memories, and mindful of the challenges Mike faced paying for his education, they decided to provide assistance both for struggling students and also to help expand and improve the University’s facilities and programs.

To that end, Mike and Anne pledged fifteen million dollars to build the Armstrong Student Center in 2014. This state-of-the-art building provides space for student education, social activities, dining, and events.

Mike and Anne Armstrong at the opening ceremony of the Armstrong Student Center
Exterieur view of the Armstrong Student Center

In spring 2008, Anne and Mike also committed nearly 15 million dollars to the Armstrong Institute for Interactive Media Studies (AIMS). This interdisciplinary program develops new approaches for using digital technologies to empower individuals and organizations to invent, innovate, and collaborate in novel ways. Some of the AIMS concepts are integrated into the Armstrong Student Center.

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