C. Mike


Business Executive


Mike Armstrong has lived the American dream, rising from humble beginnings in a hard-working, middle-class family, to become the CEO of some of the country’s best-known companies.

However, in spite of these accomplishments, Mike faced his biggest challenges in life when diagnosed with two life-threatening cancers. He was one of the lucky ones — he survived. This experience inspired Mike and his wife Anne to devote the rest of their lives giving back to society. They made a commitment to donate the bulk of their life savings to help those in need.

Look for hope and purpose throughout life, no matter what you are facing or how bad things are.


Mike Armstrong was the CEO of Hughes Electronics, AT&T, and Comcast, served in the Clinton Administration, and held numerous board positions, including at Johns Hopkins University and Citicorp.

Mike faced a number of challenges throughout his life. Taking on his first job in his early teens, he worked his way through high school and college. His credo has always been no matter how tough it gets; one should never give up hope. A philosophy he believes helped him survive cancer.


In his book, Cancer with Hope, Mike Armstrong takes readers through his journey of multiple cancers and other related, life-threatening health issues.

Peppered with inspiring stories of other cancer survivors, the book also provides a plethora of useful information and resources to help guide cancer patients, family, and friends through the difficult and circuitous path of diagnosis, treatment, and life post-cancer.


Mike Armstrong’s battle with cancer gave him and his wife Anne a renewed perspective on life and a new purpose — to donate the bulk of their life savings to help people in need.

From creating special play stations for kids in cancer wards at hospitals, to supplying water tanks to remote villages in Guatemala, and funding buildings for the education of our nation’s youth, the Armstrongs support many good causes close to their heart.